Decades of duping the trivia-obsessed American public.


Harm inflicted or enabled by corrupt conduct of elected and non-elected U.S. government personnel.


Generations of real American patriots risked and suffered greatly by revealing and trying to halt the corruption.


American public's pathetic non-response during 40 years of corruption  and tragedies made known to them.


American public's responding impediments.


Harm to people in other nations from endemic corruption of key people in the United States government.


Documentaries on 50 years of using the American public as a feeding trough.


Protesters with vague complaints with no fear of blowback.


Examples of pathetic ignorance.


History of indifference while responsible for millions of brutal deaths.


Major cultural and integrity problems affecting the nation.


Have Americans gone berserk! A nation of barbarians!


Delusional proclamation of  the United States as the land of freedom and justice for all.


The Pontius Pilate attitude among many Americans.


Sampling of reasons why good Americans fail to protest.


Poll takers and the intelligence of the people.


Political liars making fools of the illiterate masses.


Duping the Germans under Hitler versus decades of duping Americans for decades by their leaders


Victims and enablers of their fate: the American public.