Criminal Contempt of Court Charges
For Reporting Corruption-Enabling Tragedies
Including 9/11

Criminal contempt of court for reporting high-level corruption? That was responsible for a series of catastrophic events? For reporting corruption that played major enabling roles in the 9/11 hijackings? Criminalizing the reporting of tragedy-enabling catastrophic events.

The tactics used by Department of Justice officials and federal judges to halt former federal agent Rodney Stich from continuing to publicize the high-level corruptionincluding that which implicated themincluded charging him with contempt of court charges and sentencing him to six months in federal prison, two of which were in solitary confinement.

The first set of criminal contempt of court charges were filed against Stich in 1986 by federal prosecutor David Levi and Judges Milton Schwartz, Raul Ramirez, at Sacramento, California, in 1986. To block Stich from reporting high-level criminal conduct charges to a federal court (under the mandatory reporting requirement of the federal crime reporting statute), federal judges has unlawful issued orders permanently barring the former federal agent from ever filing any papers in any federal district or appellate court. When Stich used that reporting statute to report to a federal judge the criminal activities that he and his coalition had discovered, the first of several criminal contempt of court charges were filed.

The second set of criminal contempt of court charges were filed against Stich by Oakland, California federal judge Edward Jellen when Stich filed an objection to the corrupt seize of his life assets consisting of $10 million in real estate which Stich used to fund his exposure activities.

The third set of criminal contempt of court charges were filed against Stich by San Francisco federal judges Marilyn Patel and Vaughn Walker after Stich again attempting to report criminal activities.

These criminal activities were resulting in a continuing series of preventable aviation disasters and other harm, and played enabling roles in a series of preventable terrorist attacks, including the hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001.

Reversing the Legal Requirement
For Criminal Contempt of Court Charge

Under Title 18 U.S.C. 401 of the federal criminal code, and related case law, a criminal contempt of court charge requires that the person being charged have engaged in criminal conduct that hinders or obstructs justice; or that prevents a court from the lawful function. Federal judges and federal prosecutors were charging the former federal agent for:

Coalition of the Willing:
DOJ Prosecutors and Federal Judges

The successful carrying out of the latest scheme, the criminal contempt of court charge, required the willing corrupt participation of employees of the U.S. Department of Justice, the involvement of dozens of federal judges, involvement of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court who were kept informed on these corrupt judicial activities, and by the lawyers that the former federal agent hired, and after his assets were seized, appointed by the same group involved in the criminal retaliation.

Justice Department prosecutors, U.S. attorneys William T. McGivern, Jr. and Joseph Russoniello, in collaboration with federal judges, charged Stich with criminal contempt of court for filing papers in federal courts reporting corruption in government aviation safety offices. DOJ prosecutors and the federal judge involved denied Stich a jury trial, and Stich's attorney then started sabotaging Stich. Stich was held guilty and sentenced to six months in federal prison, at the age of 67, and shortly after undergoing multiple bypass open-heart surgery. He spent two months in solitary confinement.

Felonies Arising From
Criminal Contempt of Court Charges

The retaliation by federal judges and Justice Department lawyers were felonies under the federal obstruction of justice statutes, under the federal retaliation statutes. Additional statutes included Title 28 U.S.C. 1331, 1343, 1361.

Second Set of Criminal
Contempt of Court Charges

Federal judges and Department of Justice prosecutors filed several sets of criminal contempt of court charges against former federal agent Rodney Stich in retaliation for attempting to report ongoing high-level criminal activities. These corrupt activities were inflicting great harm upon national securi6ty and upon the lives of many people.

They became enablers to great disasters and deaths. Case CR 90-0636 VRW.  These third set of criminal contempt of court charges involved San Francisco district court judges Marilyn Petal and Vaughn Walker.

Seeking Relief From Ninth Circuit Federal Judges
Who Again Joined the Scheme

First Set

Seeking relief from the same federal judges that had been blocking the reports of criminal activities since 1978, Captain Rodney Stich filed several petitions with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Stich filed various legal papers to defend against the retaliatory criminal contempt of court charges, including the following sampling:

Appeals Judge Anthony Kennedy's Complicity

U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Anthony Kennedy was a judge on  the U.S. Court of Appeals from 1975 to February 1988. During this time, he was repeatedly made aware of the court filings by Captain Rodney Stich. He was aware of the corrupt-criminal misconduct in key government offices, the years of harm to individual Americans and the series of resulting catastrophic events. He was repeatedly made aware of them, event after the misconduct played enabling roles in the start of al Qaeda successes, and again made aware of the consequences by Supreme Court submissions and personal letters.

Some of Kennedy's previous writingsfor feel-good public consumptionincluded "indifference to personal liberty is but the precursor of the state's hostility to it." ...  "a zone of liberty, a zone of protection, a line that's drawn where the individual can tell the Government, 'Beyond this line you may not go."

Complicity of Supreme Court Justice
Anthony Kennedy and the Other Justices

Copies of these filings, including a petition for emergency relief sent to Judge Anthony Kennedy shortly before he left the Ninth Circuit will be uploaded. Several of the later ones are listed here:

Multiple pages at this site document the corrupt complicity by Supreme Court Justices, starting from 1968 to 2004. The U.S. Supreme Court, making them aware of the criminal activities, the corrupt misuse of the courts, and the judges over whom they had supervisory responsibilities. One of the  filings that involved the complicity of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was while in the federal courts at San Francisco and while waiting to take his assignment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Second Set Related to Seizure of Assets

The second set of criminal contempt of court charges occurred after federal judges Robert Jones (Las Vegas) and Edward Jellen (Oakland, California) illegally and unconstitutionally seized and liquidates the $10 million in assets that funder the attempts by the former federal agent to circumvent the blocks in government by publicizing the crimes to the public, and hoping to force a halt to the continuing deadly corruption.

In direct violation of numerous federal statutes, case law, Supreme Court decisions, and constitutional protections, that required a hearing, notice of hearing, and legal cause, before seizing a person's life assets and liquidating them, federal judges issued an order seizing Stich's assets, and then issuing an order barring Stich from filing objections to the seizure and liquidation. When Stich did file objection, federal judge Edward Jellen (Oakland) ordered the objection unfiled, and then charged Stich with criminal contempt of court for having exercised this basic legal and constitutional defense. Every district and appellate judge, and Supreme Court justices, approved those actions. Click here for details of this seizure.

Seeking Relief From Third Set of
Criminal Contempt of Court Charges

In 1991, additional criminal contempt of court charges were filed against (March 1991) addressing the second contempt of court charge for having attempted to report criminal activities (including areas of corruption that would later that year result in 3,000 deaths on 9/11). 

One of several Petitions for writ on criminal contempt of  court charge to Ninth Circuit courts at San Francisco appealing the criminal contempt of court sentence. May 26, 1991. As part of that appeal procedure, Stich filed an emergency request for relief, May 26, 1991:

The Appeal Berief was rejected, Stich submitted a petition to U.S. Court of Appeals, San Francisco, Jan. 27, 1992.

One of half a dozen filings to the Justices of the  U.S.. Supreme Court advised them of the criminal retaliation for reporting criminal activities, and requested relief. March 4, 1991.  That filing:

Other files relating to misconduct by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court:

Warning Letter to Justice Kennedy−Shortly
Before the 9/11 Events in Which He And
Other Justices Were Among the Many Enablers

Captain Rodney Stich sent a January 22, 2001, letter to U.S. Supreme Court  Justice Anthony Kennedy making reference to the criminal activities, the obstruction of justice, the felony retaliation, that were parallel actions to block the reporting of continuing criminal activities associated with a continuing series of tragic events.

That letter was sent before the terrorists hijackings on September 11, 2001, and made reference to people and groups involved in corrupt activities that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners and kill almost 3,000 people! That letter revealed:

Background and Credibility of Corruption-Exposing
AND Corruption-Fighting Whistleblower

The following links show the extraordinary background and credibility of the granddaddy of corruption-reporting whistleblowers, who not only exposed the multiple areas of corruption, but fought the perpetrators with lawsuits, books, and hundreds of radio and TV appearances:

Sampling of Related Pages

Sampling of related pages:

Areas of Corruption Being Reported

Former federal agent Rodney Stich had initially discovered widespread ongoing corruption in the government's aviation safety offices associated with a series of aviation disasters, and after acquiring a coalition of other insiders, criminal activities that were inflicting great harm upon the American people and upon national security.

His exposure activities were exposing key people in government, their direct or indirect role through cover-ups in the criminal activities, and the harm being inflicted upon the American people. Among the people being exposed included:

Cavalier Concern for the Public Victims

Prior catastrophic consequences of the corruption were known to federal Prosecutors and federal Judges, and the many others that joined to scheme to keep the information from the public. Most of the above catastrophic events occurred on the program for which FAA air carrier operations inspector Rodney Stich had been given the assignment to correct the conditions responsible for the worst series of airline disasters in the nation's history. Pictures of many other crashes are not shown.

More recent cavalier sacrifice of the American public is seen at such files as the one concerning withholding advance information on the series of catastrophic terrorist attacks so as to protect a key FBI supervisor from murder charges.

Sampling of the many catastrophic consequences enabled to occur by engaging in criminal acts to silence a determined former government agent. Consequences of judicial retaliation was not and will not be limited to aviation disasters and terrorist successes.

Corruption of the Type Described at this site does not occur in a vacuum. High-level corruption in one area is simply one tentacle of a widespread culture of corruption. And the consequences of that corruption−and the endemic cover-ups−have consequences in other areas. The culture of corruption affects the people and the nation in many other ways, That includes the latest series of financial frauds that has occurred in the housing and financial sectors. Also, the effect of the endemic corruption and endemic cover-ups−major parts of the culture in the United States−that enablers successful terrorist attacks upon U.S. interests.

More information on the enablers to those catastrophic events:

  • 9/11 index.

  • Information provided by a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by infamous Ramzi Yousef on the planned terrorist attack, information that was then "deep-sixth" by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel. Absence of preventative measures resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths.

  • Comparative blame for 9/11 between Afghanistan, Iraq, and the documented conduct of enablers in the United States.

  • 9/11 enablers.

Capital Offenses

When people are killed as a result of corrupt actions, the statute of limitations never expires. That means that all of the people involved in seeking to halt Stich's exposure of criminal activities that remained uncorrected as a result of their acts, would be guilty of contributing to the deaths of people that were enabled to occur by their conduct. They can therefore be charged with murder in the deaths that occurred. Think what the ramifications would be of that!

For instance, terrorists were able to easily hijack four airliners on 9/11, killing nearly three thousand people. People who played a role in covering up for the corruption, those lawyers, California judges, federal judges, and others, who played various roles that were intended to halt or hinder Stich's exposure actions, would become conspirators. And the Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges who sentenced Stich to prison for trying to report these deadly matters, would be especially high on the list of people to be prosecuted for murder.

The Above-the-Law Ruling Oligarchy

Compare the above criminal offenses to a partial list of those whose conduct knowingly hindered or blocked the reporting of criminal activities. This list, as it related to the major tragedies described at this site and the related books would include the 50 or more lawyers; the dozen or more California judges; the several dozen federal judges; members of Congress who knew of the ongoing criminal activities and who had a responsibility to act; people in the U.S. Department of Justice who not only knew of the corruption, but who misused the raw power of their office to imprison former federal agent Rodney Stich to silence him, compounding this by corruptly seizing the assets that funded his exposure activities; and media people who kept the information from the public.

Great National Consequences from Silencing Whistleblowers

Over the years, there were many consequences, some catastrophic, from attacking corruption-exposing whistleblowers. One of many links showing this relationship is

For the American public, these corrupt acts by federal judges and Department of Justice personnel has enormous consequences. One of those consequences occurred on September 11, 2001. when nearly 3,000 people perished, and subsequent corruption led to the United States invading Afghanistan and Iraq, neither country responsible for the attacks. That area of corruption then resulted in harm to the United States far beyond the comprehension of the people responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The American never realized that their greatest source of harm was from their own leaders.

  • Among the dead were those people jumping to their deaths from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, including the following woman:

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