People Directly and Indirectly
Responsible for Great
American Tragedies

There have been, and continue to be, many people corruptly misusing legal and government facilities trying to silence whistleblowers exposing great and often Trojan-Hose-like corruption. Sampling of the most documented people and groups identified at this site and in the various books include the following:

The "IF" Factor

Although it requires a little more thought than the 140-character limit on Twitter, a sobering recognition can be obtained by recognize the "IF" factor: what American would be like today "if" certain people and groups had acted differently at any time during the past 50 years of action points. And that includes the American public. For instance:

There Are Consequences!








  • 9/11 index.

  • Information provided by a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by infamous Ramzi Yousef on the planned terrorist attack, information that was then "deep-sixth" by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel. Absence of preventative measures resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths.

  • Comparative blame for 9/11 between Afghanistan, Iraq, and the documented conduct of enablers in the United States.

  • 9/11 enablers.

American Airlines Flight 587
(Strong indications of Terrorist Action)

And, of course, the massive frauds in the housing and financial sectors, made possible by members of Congress, and which will be inflicting enormous personal and financial harm on Americans for years to come.

Sampling of related files:

List of Documentary Books
On Endemic Corruption in the United States







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