Insiders that provided information on corruption that eventually led to major national disasters and other tragedies.


FBI agent and highly decorated military pilot.


Former head of a CIA financial proprietary based in Honolulu.


CIA operative involved in drugs and money laundering.


CIA operative involved in October Surprise and clean-up operation.


CIA assets involved in Iranian Arms-for-hostages and related October Surprise.

Member of Army Special Operations Group.


Former Special Ops Counterterrorist expert discovering suitcase nuclear bombs smuggled out of Soviet Union.


CIA-ONI Operative in Middle East from 1960s through 1980s.


Former U.S. Army helicopter pilot sheep-dipped into CIA operations.


Head of a Secret CIA proprietary airline.


Pilot working for DEA in Central and South America.


Former CIA asset specializing in money laundering for the CIA


Former World War II OSS operative and CIA pilot thereafter.


ONI asset working on offshore oil rigs, and CIA drug smuggling.


San Francisco attorney discovering corruption in bankruptcy courts.


DIA operative working with DEA in the Middle East, discovering CIA drug smuggling.


CIA asset training contra pilots in Arkansas, and discovery of CIA drug smuggling.


Head of an all-black assassination team hunting down defecting U.S. military personnel in Vietnam.


Chief of multi-agency drug task force in New York.


Former NYC Mafia member acting as a mole in key al Qaeda cell providing advance information on major terrorist attacks.


Woman growing up in Mafia family whose father was both a Mafia member and CIA paymaster.


Former federal agent Rodney Stich.


List of documentary books on endemic corruption in the United States.


Documented pattern of corruption of key personnel in the U.S. Department of Justice.


Pattern of corruption in the government's aviation safety offices.


Pattern of corruption throughout the House and Senate.


Pattern of corruption involving CIA personnel.


Sampling of airline disasters made possible by key people in the government's aviation safety offices and the many enablers.


Harm to the United States by the personnel directly involved in the corruption and their shills.


Harm inflicted upon Americans by the corruption, the cover-ups, and those who harm whistleblowers.


Harm inflicted upon the most tenacious "fool" fighting the David vs. Goliath attempt to tackle the corruption.

One out of thousands of victims in the frauds affecting aviation:



Lots more in other files at this site.

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