Federal judges: America's "protectors" of civil and constitutional rights: Or, the real America.


Now, more details for serious people. How the evidence was collected, beginning with a life-and-death assignment.


Criminally blocked from performing life-and-death assignment—while the air safety corruption and deaths continued!


Next sequence in life-and-death fighting efforts.


Sampling of the continuing corruption and worsening catastrophic consequences.


Tragedy-continuing gulag tactics to halt the corruption-fighting activist.


Exposing more corruption-related catastrophic events.


Sampling of other forms  of corruption and consequences.


Continuing his efforts to halt the corruption and related tragedies.


Documented complicity of Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Unprecedented response and apology by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White.


Sampling of credibility by corruption fighter.


Endless complicity in the U.S. Gulag compound.


Sampling of harm inflicted on corruption fighter by Gulag government personnel continues the status quo.


Guilty of complicity in decades of corruption and resulting harm, deaths, and catastrophic events.


Books by former professionals in government revealing widespread Gestapo-like conduct and resulting consequences for the people.


Similarities between Germans under Adolf Hitler and today's Americans un their Gulag leadership.


Information available to American public and their response for past three decades.


Sampling of the areas responsible for the continuing disasters, the latest being the hijackings on 9/11.


Congressional enablers in the series of airline disasters (only one of many areas in which they continue to be enablers).


Enablers engaging in felonies: lawyers and judges.




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