Introduction to sequence of discovering areas of corruption.


Series of world-record airline disasters; a involving politically powerful airline corporation; and the FAA "Tombstone Agency."


Corruption-fighter circumventing cover-ups via the  federal crime reporting statute.


Another silencing schemedorchestrated by DOJ personnel, and protected by federal judges.


Discovering corruption and consequences far beyond the initial life-and-death assignment.


Prior obstruction of justice crimes compounded by DOJ-federal judges attacking the corruption-fighter.


Discovering worse criminal-type corruption directly enabling series of terrorist successes.


Last pre-9/11 attempt to halt corruption-enabling terrorist successes.


Worst terrorist attack in American history with worst government corruption in any modern nation.


Self-serving Post-9/11 Cover-ups by federal judges enabled even worse corruption-enabled calamities.


Role of Supreme Court Justices in the corruption, cover-ups, retaliation, and resulting tragedies.


Unprecedented apology by Supreme Court Justice Byron White and his Acknowledgement of the geravity of the issues.


Credibility Index.


Not-for-profit documentaries on 50 years of corruption in government, and the resulting tragedies, provided by insiders.


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