Introduction to Sequence of Discovering And
Documenting Areas of U.S. Corruption
Inflicting Great Harm Worldwide

This documentary covers the period from shortly after the end of World War II as it relates to corrupt conduct by non-elected and elected personnel in the  U.S. government, and the  progressive worsening of the harm directly inflicted upon the American people and harm inflicted on people of other nations that resulted in retaliatory attacks against the American people.

Sufficient exercise of mental energy and a modest understanding of real world issues are needed to understand this very serious matter. It starts out with a series of world-record airline disasters, one being the world-record airline crash into New York City on December 16, 1960, and near the end of this documentary, 40 years later, another world-record aviation disaster into New York City, on September 11, 2001. Both were preceded and enabled  by documented corrupt actions of people in key positions of the  U.S. government.

In essence, this is a documentary on corruption involving elected and non-elected people in the United States and the resulting tragedies for Americans, and people of other nations, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

Series of World-Record Airline Disasters
A Politically Powerful Airline Corporation—
And the FAA "Tombstone Agency"

Discovering deep-seated culture of corruption in government's aviation safety offices responsible for a continuing series of forewarned and preventable aviation disasters.

A world-record series of airline crashes at the United Air Lines corporation caused a FAA safety group in the Los Angeles regional offices to ask one of the most experienced airline safety inspectors to accept an unprecedented life-and-death-assignment, requiring him to transfer from Los Angeles to  the Denver training center for the airline.

One of the United Airlines crashed in the series was the world-record airline disaster into New York City. Ironically, corrupt conduct that enabled that horrific event would be followed 40 years later with world record airline disasters into New York City, also enabled by corruption—and also involved that former FAA airline safety inspector.

He quickly discovered, reported and tried to correct the aviation problems and corrupt safety practices   corrupt practices that were unprecedented during his Naval career as a Navy Patrol Plane Commander and at any other airline. He then came under attack—primarily from the far more powerful political elements in the Federal Aviation Agency.

During the attacks that subverted his official assignment, three additional fatal crashes occurred.

Two of the crashes were at United Airlines, along with one non-fatal crash near the mountainous area of Tehachapi in California. One of the United Airlines crashes, at Salt Lake City, where 43 passengers were cremated alive, was a textbook examples of the direct relationship between corruption, airline crashes, and deaths. The guilty were protected, the corruption continued, and the massive money-saving safety irregularities at the politically powerful airline corporation continued.

Recognizing the cover-ups and the continuing culture, the FAA inspector took unprecedented actions, despite other FAA safety inspectors warning, "You can't fight the system," or, "You're going to get shot!" (Pathetic culture in a life-and-death aviation safety agency.)

Refusing to work under such deadly and criminal conditions, Stich left government service, and as the crashes continued to occur, in an effort to halt the horrific consequences experienced during aviation disasters, the former federal agent and whistleblower then did the following:

Corruption-Fighter Circumventing Cover-Ups
Via the Federal Crime Reporting Statute

The  gravity and the deadly consequences of the corruption caused the corruption-fighter to exercise the requirements and the rights of any citizen to report a federal crime to federal judges. That statute is the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. It is a federal crime for anyone knowing of a federal crime not to report it as stated in that statute.

Every filing was illegally blocked by federal judges and Department of Justice personnel. This practice of blocking the presentation of major evidence was repeated every time for the next four decades—which included blocking reports of the corrupt acts that played a major role in enabling a series of al Qaeda successes, including those of September 11, 2001.

Another Silencing Scheme
Orchestrated by DOJ Personnel,
And Protected by Federal Judges

The former federal airline safety inspector became a corruption-in government-fighter. His efforts threatened to expose the world's worse aviation disaster scandal and expose Department of Justice personnel and federal judges that were illegally covering up and  continuing the serious problems.

In 1982, the corruption-fighter against came under attack in a bizarre scheme that started with a sham lawsuit in the California courts at Fairfield, by the San Francisco CIA-front law firm of  Friedman, Sloan and Ross. The facts showed it to be a sham, and dozens of state and federal laws barred the action. For six years, every level of the California judicial system supported the gross violations, retaliated against the corruption-fighter for exercising the important defense remedies. Despite the great and irreparable harm experienced by the corruption-fighter from the massive violations, federal judges supported the violations and denied relief that they were required to provide as part of their duties.

Dozens of attorneys and law firms became involved in attacking the corruption-fighter. It was awesome and bizarre.

The conduct of the California judges met the criteria for a RICO criminal enterprise 

Discovering Corruption and Consequences
Far Beyond the Initial
Life-and-Death Assignment

Forced to use other measures to circumvents the DOJ and judicial cover-ups, the corruption-fighter used his financial resources to publish a not-for-profit book (Unfriendly Skies, 1978 and 1980) and appear on hundreds of radio and television shows, using his twin-engine aircraft.

The publicity from these actions caused a continuing number of former key people in covert and law-enforcement operations to provide him with additional information on corruption in government positions. These sources  eventually numbered over three dozen, and included former heads of CIA covert operations, secret CIA airlines, former drug smugglers—working for CIA and DEA personnel, former Mafia insiders, and others.

Over a period of years, he learned from his own experiences and from his unusual coalition of other former insiders corrupt conduct by non-elected personnel in the U.S. Government corruption that was  inflicting great harm to the American people, being used as a feeding trough.

In addition, he learned of the great harm to national security resulting from actions authorized by White House politicians. 

Corrupt actions inflicting great harm to people worldwide, especially in the Middle East, authorized by White House politicians, were generating hatred in other nations that were giving birth to terrorist groups. 

In the 1980s, the corruption fighter added this additional information in his federal filings under the requirements of the federal crime reporting statue. Every filing was blocked by federal judges, whose actions met the criteria of a RICO criminal organization.

Every attempt by the corruption fighter to report the worsening corruption and consequences were blocked by federal judges. These were criminal acts, and made known to U.S. media and members of Congress. The cover-ups of such serious misconduct raised serious questions about some other serious problem in the government of the United States.

Prior Obstruction of Justice Crimes
 Compounded by DOJ  Personnel and Federal Judges
Attacking the Corruption-Fighter

Because of the gravity of additional information being received from people in key intelligence positions, and the horror associated with the continuing aviation disasters, Stich again filed a lawsuit to report the additional federal crimes.  In response to that filing:

Sacramento area Department of Justice prosecutor David Levi and federal judges charged the former federal agent and corruption-fighter with criminal contempt of court for filing papers in the federal court (after being illegally and unconstitutionally barred from the rights, protections, and defenses of those courts guaranteed to everyone).

The charge was made as the corruption the corruption-fight was exposing was resulting in a series of corruption-enabled terrorist successes.

To carry out such a bizarre and unconstitutional criminal charge, federal judges denied him the constitutionally-required jury trial. In gross violations of the most basic of protections. the judge sentenced the 69-year-old corruption-fighter to six months in federal prison, of which two months were in solitary confinement.

While in federal prison, federal judges and Department of Justice trustees illegally, unconstitutionally, and fraudulent,  seized and liquidated the $10 million in assets that the whistleblower had used to fund his attempts to halt the tragedy-related corruption. The funds were distributed among the attorneys that cooperated in the scheme and the Department of Justice Trustee, Charles Duck.

When Stich filed a legal objection to the seizure, as provided by law, Oakland federal judge Edward Jellen charged him with criminal contempt of court because he had previously issued an order barring Stich from filing any legal papers.

Federal appeal judges at San Francisco, including judge Anthony Kennedy, knew of those actions and refused to order a halt to them when the corruption-fighter sent a appeal to him, prior to his assignment as a Supreme Court Justice.

As the former federal agent and whistleblower was about to be released from prison after six months, San Francisco federal judges Marilyn Patel and Vaughn Walker again charged him with criminal contempt of court for having filed legal papers in federal court in New York City seeking to report the crimes against the United States. That action resulted in an order limiting the whistleblower to house arrest for six years, until 1995.

His appeals were denied by the same appellate court judges at San Francisco as had been blocking the reports of federal crimes relating to the airline disasters, since the 1970s:

Discovering Worse Criminal-Type Corruption
Enabling Start of Terrorist Successes

In addition to his other sources, and his own discoveries, the corruption fighter acquired two source that had direct information about murders and other crimes being perpetrated by FBI-DOJ personnel, especially in the New York City offices. Those awesome criminal, if not subversive, acts were supported by high-lever personnel in Washington. These provided detailed information  and documents showing the following sampling of information:

Additional information that was obtained by the corruption-fighter's sources:

Former highly decorated Lt. Colonel Richard Taus, who repeatedly risked his life as a helicopter pilot to rescue and save wounded GIs during the Vietnam War, worked under DeVecchio. After reporting to members of Congress the corrupt acts of his supervisor, the standard practice of filing false charges resulted in a literal life in prison, destroying his life and that of his family.

Gregory Scarpa. Jr., the former New York City Mafiosi, the son of the Mafia capo involved in murders with the complicity of FBI-DOJ personnel  in the New York City offices

Series of al Qaeda Attacks That Was Made known to Department of Justice Personnel that were repeatedly deep-sixed:

Last Pre-9/11 Attempt to Halt Corruption-Enabling
 Terrorist Successes

The corruption-fighter, recognizing the start of corruption-enabled terrorist successes against U.S. targets, made one last attempt to focus attention on the serious life-and-death problems. Unable to file any papers in the federal courts in California, (approved by San Francisco appellate judge Anthony Kennedy), the corruption-fighter filed the papers in the federal courts at Reno, Nevada. The main federal cause of action fell under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4.  While the action was still in the court, the easily preventable and forewarned horrific hijackings of four U.S. airliners  occurred. Despite the filing of a declaration showing the relationship between the corrupt acts stated in the federal filing and their enabling of the 9/11 events, U.S. District Judge Reed dismissed the action.

Last lawsuit seeking to halt the corruption, prior to 9/11, filed in federal courts at Reno, NV.

Worst Terrorist Attack in American History
With Worst Government Corruption
In Any Modern Nation

Self-Serving Post-9/11 Cover-Ups:
Same Federal Judges—Enabling Even Worse
Corruption-Enabled Calamities

As they all knew from covering up for the deep-seated corruption in the elected and non-elected segments of the U.S. government, their cover-ups made them possible.

Role of Supreme Court Justices
In the Corruption, Cover-Ups, Retaliation,
And Resulting Tragedies

The above issues were Brought to Attention of Supreme Court Justices,
From 1970s to 2005

Post 9/11

Supreme Court's Self-Service Ruling
Against Whistleblowers

Supreme Court whistleblower decision that punishes any government agent exposing corrupt or criminal acts in government, contrary to requirements under criminal statutes; against subversive conduct in government,

Unprecedented Apology by Supreme Court Justice
Byron White and His Acknowledgement of the Gravity of the Issues

  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White and his perseonal letter to the corruption fighter in response to a 60-page Emergency Petition describing thee matters, showing his concern, and apologizing for being unable—as a single Justice—to help.

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